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We’re excited to announce Routable’s SOC 1 Type 1 Certification

We’re excited to announce Routable’s SOC 1 Type 1 Certification
We’re excited to announce that we're SOC 1 Type 1 certified! We’re committed to providing our customers the highest standard of financial data security.

At Routable, we are dedicated to making payments easier and everything that entails – whether it’s providing our clients with the features they need to scale their accounts payable and receivable departments, or investing in the proper security practices to ensure your data is safe; we relish the opportunity to do it all.

Last year, we announced the completion of a big milestone when we received our SOC 2 Type 1 certification, and this year, we wanted to improve our security and compliance even further.

While the SOC 2 audit—which aims to assess that our controls are designed with guidance from the ​​AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria (TSC)—provides amazing transparency into an organization’s controls as they relate security, processing integrity, confidentiality, and availability, we realized that there is more assurance that we can provide to our customers that reaffirms our ongoing commitment to data security.

So we decided to go after and maintain SOC 1 compliance. SOC 1 is designed to evaluate our  internal controls over financial reporting, specifically the financial reporting of our clients. In other words, the SOC 1 is designed to provide assurance that Routable protects the integrity of the financial data entrusted to us as part of your accounts payable and receivable processes.

As of July of this year, Routable is SOC 1 Type 1 certified! We’re thrilled to be able to provide our customers the highest standard of financial data security and are committed to continually improving our security with future certifications.

To learn more about the other certifications we’ve already received, check out these blogs:

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