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Announcing Routable’s SOC2 Type 1 Certification

Announcing Routable’s SOC2 Type 1 Certification
Your experience in working with our platform has to be the best ever, and we know that includes securing the data you trust us with.

We love making payments easier, whether that’s through Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable, we’re obsessed with routing payments more efficiently and smoothly. Your experience in working with our platform has to be the best ever, and we know that includes securing the data you trust us with.

We wanted to tell you a bit about our focus on data security, and when it started. First, you might have read recently that we just came out of Stealth mode announcing our Series A funding of $12 million. Our company’s focus on data security started long before that, it started when we were just 5 people strong. It began by asking hundreds of Finance experts , “what can we do to show the world that we care about this?”. Based on their responses we decided to go after SOC2 accreditation, deciding first and foremost to go after a SOC2 Type I certification to demonstrate our ability to design a sound data security program.

In February 2020 we started getting ready, partnering with Vanta to help us prepare and automate our audit evidence collection. We decided to work with The Cadence Group as our accredited, independent SOC2 auditor. Our target for an audit report-in-hand was the end of Q3, and we’re happy to announce that we beat that with a “green” report on August 14, 2020!

Why the hype?

We’ve talked to other startups and know that this sort of thing can turn into a can that gets kicked down the road in favor of lots of other things in startup life. We wanted to show you that this is a priority to us, not with other important work suffering, but building our platform with security in mind. We want to continue to show you how serious we are about data security as a fintech company, which is why we’re immediately starting our readiness for SOC2 Type II certification.

We’re committed to showing you more of what we’re up to from a data security perspective, sharing our thoughts on fintech and security or announcing new Routable security features or certifications we’ve achieved.

Look out for new updates and until then, you can reach out to our security team at with any questions or concerns.

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