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New: Custom Dimensions for Sage Intacct

New: Custom Dimensions for Sage Intacct

We’re excited to announce that Routable now supports a two-way sync for custom dimensions in Sage Intacct!

Now, any standard fields or custom dimensions that your organization uses in Sage Intacct will be automatically pulled into Routable. You’ll see your bills and invoices exactly the same way they appear in your accounting software, eliminating the need to go back and forth between two different applications, reducing the time spent manually updating data.

Here are the changes to expect when using Routable integrated with Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct

Routable now supports all standard fields from Sage Intacct, including custom dimensions. These fields will automatically sync between Routable and Sage, making it easier to maintain these fields as required by your organization standards. You’ll also be able to track any advanced fields set up by your company on transaction and item levels.


In Sage, you can see dimensions based on your transaction type and account settings across different tabs. The available fields in Routable will mirror your configuration in Sage, including tab layouts, so you won’t need to switch back and forth between Routable and Sage or do any double data entry.

If you have standard dimensions (such as class, customer, department, location or other information specific to your business) enabled in your Sage Intacct account settings, they will automatically appear in Routable. Routable’s two-way sync also includes the ability to maintain additional comments, departments, dates, categories and other fields that provide you complete visibility when tracking transactions.

Automatic two-way sync

With Routable’s integration for Sage Intacct, enable your team to send payments and invoices even more efficiently and significantly reduce time spent on manual data entry.

For additional details, learn more about the power of Routable’s two-way sync for Sage Intacct.

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